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Mocktail Essentials

Stripped back to intention, when I invite someone into my home, I want them to feel truly accepted. That their company is the only caveat to crossing the threshold. And so, with the recent increase of my nearest and dearest forgoing alcohol, I have been examining how to better host friends committed to sobriety.

The choice to stop imbibing in alcohol has been made by countless friends - that have bravely admitted their dependence was out of hand, it was negatively hurting their relationships, they want to be healthier, they’re trying to have a babe, it’s impacting their mental health, it’s cost was simply not worth it’s presence - but with so many social situations predicated on raising a glass, the choice to give up alcohol can be profoundly isolating. No one wants to be the weird party goer drinking milk at 2am. “Budweiser Prohibition is my go-to non alcoholic beer of choice” shares one of my sober pals, who also suggested this “Sparkling Brut” for special occasions as a champagne stand in. They also reiterated how much small gestures, like keeping soda water and a fruit juice on hand, matter. “It’s easier to turn down an alcoholic beverage when there’s another fun option.” There is a component to social gatherings, the ease of having a drink in hand, and by offering suitable non-alcoholic choices, that person can knock back drinks just like their alcohol-indulging counterparts. Or if you really want to go all out, splurge on tonic syrup, shrubs, cordial or even these non-alcoholic distilled Spirits, which can be used to make connoisseur-level mocktails and are easily adjustable if you have guests that would like an oz of something harder. Finally, if you’re planning on hosting a friend that recently gave up alcohol, stocking your fridge with a couple artisanal sodas to offer is another way to reiterate the heart of hosting:

I’m so glad that you’re here, just as you are.

 Oh and if you’d like a little guidance on mixing a can’t-put-down mocktail, here’s my current fav -


Citrus Punch (light on the punch)

6 oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
1.5 oz Shrub (I adore the Blood Orange Shrub or Strawberry Shrub - they truly help give any mocktail a bit of a kick)
6 oz of Soda Water (or to taste)
2 oz of Fresh Squeeze Orange / Blood Orange Juice
Opt: 3-4 Sprigs of Fresh Mint

Blood Orange to Garnish
Cherry Bitters
A fistful of ice

To make the Citrus Punch

Add the juices, shrub and mint into a cocktail shaker with 2 pieces of ice.
Shake until juices are cold and well mixed. Strain out the mint.
Fill cocktail glasses 1/2 way with juice mix and then top with soda water.
Garnish with ice, orange sliver and a couple dashes of cherry bitters (optional).

*** Feel free to add in an oz or two of your favourite Spirit (Gin, Tequila or Vodka would work well) or switch out the soda water for Champagne.