A Few of My Favourite Things


Writing a Gift Guide has always felt incongruous to me; trying to list things I want instead of focusing on the joys I already have in my life. And yet, I consume them ravenously - I adore hearing from the people I admire, peering over their shoulders at the items they covet and lust after. Curiosity will always get the better of me, and personal recommendations make me weak in the knees.

To be honest writing Christmas lists have always induced immediate stress; in a dream world Elijah and I would exchange gifts we’d secretly found for one another and everyone else would be spoiled with company. Raucous dinners, decking the halls, stopping in for piping hot cider, and the flurry of an afternoon baking a million cookies together. I’m so fortunate to have the privilege of not wanting or needing too many things. To feel that my life and home are plenty full, so before I get to some of those things here’s the list I actually made this year. The things that matter most.


Dutch Treats
Baking with my Mom
Decorating our house
Looking at Christmas Lights
Cutting Down a Tree
Casual Gatherings
Holiday Movies

But I really do want to share my favourite things for those looking to treat themselves or stuck on finding a unique (and predominantly Canadian made gift)
. So this is my version of a Holiday Gift Guide - a round up of the things I bought this year and love so cussing much.
These standout items, gifted to myself, have brought me such joy and are the items I would gladly give to a dear friend anytime of the year.


Miwak Junior Pipe

The organic shape is a delight to hold, each pipe unique with swirling earthen tones and a large chamber which allows the smoke to cool for a soften inhale. Additionally it’s easy to clean and looks beautifully unassuming, tucked in a window sill. It truly is an elevated everyday essential.


Bong Appetit

Full disclosure, I JUST got this cookbook. While I have yet to try the recipes, the first chapters cover simple consumption, Weed Basics 101 and the recipes look so good (whether you infuse them with cannabis or not). Also I have yet to say ‘Bong Appetit’ like without falling into a fit of laughter.


Curve vase

I worry we’re not buying enough art. I consider it whenever I’m taken in by a room, and realize it’s usually the artwork, sculptures, and movement that pulls me in. This is a piece that sits on our console table and I stare at it fondly all day. It’s delicate balance a permanent reminder that anything is possible.


lelo sona

Good friends recommend good vibrators. I’ve been a fan of Lelo’s products for nearly a decade, so when Sandy Joe recommended this exact product last year I went for it. It’s a different feeling than a standard vibe, but if you are a fan of sleek design and rolling orgasms - treat yo self. I sure have.


Fancy Pantry Goods

There’s just something so wonderfully intimate about buying a close friend your favourite condiment, treat, sauce or syrup. A simple consumable that will certainly be used, a gift that shows you’re eager share the simple pleasures of life with your nearest and dearest.


Ostrich feather duster

Just kidding. Yes I own this duster, but more importantly this year I finally admitted I need help. Between Hello Fresh and hiring a cleaning person to come once a month and do the jobs we’ve procrastinated on for literally years, I found my workload lighten. If it’s something you can afford, but feel guilt investing in, take it from a person that struggled to get here:

It’s okay to ask for help. We all need it sometimes.


Stoneground Paints

I bought these paints on a whim, and I am so glad I did. While I remain utterly awful at painting, I delight in the process. The quiet activity that’s just for me, that I don’t need to excel at, I can just be. If you’re looking for a new hobby, this is my nudge. Pick up the brush, take a class, try something new this year.


Brook drabot glass straws

If you’ve visited me this year, I’ve likely insisted on serving you a drink with one of these straws. The softest lilac, dishwasher friendly and (bare with me) a top notch mouth feel. I can’t quite explain it, but they make every drink feel special and 10% more whimsical.


Le Lou Ula NAil Enamels

As a self proclaimed nail polish connoisseur, Le Lou Ula’s enamels are the real deal. Big colour payout in two coats, 10-free vegan formula and eye catching hues that are unlike any others I’ve come across. What can I say - I’m utterly smitten.
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