Published sporadically intended to tarnish and wear with time, that accidental luster tucked away in a corner. 


This really should be more monolithic. Words to be shouted from rooftops and felt in our bones. An anchor to tether myself to my grounding force when I feel swept away by the rising tides of the world. Grandeur at it's finest disguised as our first words, another flawed introduction. But who are we kidding - I'm not launching a new religion, I'm just hoping to carve out a space where you can seek out inspiration. To read words that matter, to gorge on beauty in the things others keep overlooking, and to offer sage advice between tried and true kindred spirits, losing touch, but falling effortless into step whenever they, we reconnect...

Oh how I want to be that friend for you. Hi. Hello. Welcome to Something Copper. 

A glimpse into a day with Mary-Alice Duff, the heart and soul behind Alice Alexander, complete with a schoolhouse styled shoot.


If the day of traveling almost makes you skip the trip altogether - then this blog post is for you. Simple steps that serve me well when my anxiety pulls on my sleeve as I prepare for a trip.

Non Alcoholic Cocktails

The simple How-To’s when it comes to navigating the art of hosting friends that have decided to forgo alcohol. Plus my tried and true Citrus Punch (light on the punch) recipe, perfect for Winter gatherings!


Gift Guide adjacent, here’s my roundup of products I am so happy to have collected during 2018, the experiences I want to revel in and a few notes on gratitude.



An autumnal icon pulled from the pages of History and a rundown of my early Fall style inclinations; what I live in and what I covet.


The Myth of Bikini Season

A four part essay exploring how we got to a place where there's nothing we fear more than a bathing suit. Industries built on the backs of insecurities and the impending doom of Summer. Perfection packaged as achievable as long as you start in April. 

So I wrote a four part essay, unpacking exactly what makes feeling confident in a bikini so darn hard. A narrative more complex than how to feel beautiful at any size; my narrative for better or worse.





The List : a collective and compiled library of the best Plus Size Ethical Brands I have come across, constantly growing and changing as more brands expand their sizing and tackle issues surrounding production.

It may not be perfect, but it's a start. 





Where are they? The people that never seem to make the cut, that shine so brilliantly in my world. 

This is an ongoing project, intentionally a counterweight. To document, to draw attention to these gaps in the media we consume ravenously, missing the depth depicted in our day to day. 

The first installment features Julie, a trans activist and performer based in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Best Served with Dear Friends &  Chet Baker on Vinyl


An essay exploring my hopes for the coming year. What matters and the importance of taking stock of where you are and where you're going. 


(Plus how I managed to get horribly lost in the Czech Republic)


The Winter 10 x 10

An opportunity to explore the things you have, to celebrate and rethink your wardrobe. Somewhere between an exercise and a practice, it's the perfect way to slow your fashion consumption and rethink what defines how much clothing you "need".

Hosted by Lee Vosburgh and Caroline Joy, here are my thoughts, takeaways and picks for the Winter 10 x 10.