A long time in the works, this list has been repeatedly requested and I’m so delighted to share it - ethically made brands that dared expand past a size 14. Who knew the trials and tribulations, the energy I’d expend in my adult life merely trying to dress myself.

There is a mighty swift current in the lake self doubt that comes with being an outlier. 
There is the honest and brutal reality that 80% of the clothing I see and would love to wear is not made for my body

That my style, my wardrobe, my sense of self expression is all to often held captive by an industry that sees my body as unworthy of dressing, but I hope this list of plus size ethical fashion helps take the sting out. That it gives you a jumping off place to find pieces you'll love, as well as some tips to make purchasing clothing online easier. You are not alone, it is really really hard, but there are places, brands, shops that think your body is beautiful and worth adorning with gorgeous garments. 




Pictured Above: Pyne & Smith Dress | Block Shop Textiles Scarf | Boutonne Purse

Find tips and solutions for shopping online and navigating size inclusive clothing here