In 1692, Bridget Bishop was the first person to be executed during the infamous Salem Witch Trials. These trials, sparked by accusations against women - women that were socially vulnerable - “promiscuous and with compromised morals” led to the death of over 70 people in the small settlement. In Bishop’s case she was noted as having the habit of dressing “more artistically than women of the village” which contributed in large part to her conviction and execution. Fashionable apparel was regarded as a “snare and sign of the devil”.

So I guess I have a new fashion icon.

To be honest I’ve struggled with writing about fashion lately. Devoting the time and energy to comprising curated look books — the world is literally on fire, is this the best use of my time? Where does my Fall covet list stack up in importance when I am struggling through this endlessly triggering year - just like every other woman in North America. But then, then I’m reminded that fashion is and has always held the potential to be rebellious. That in 1692 a woman was hung for nothing more than her fashion choices and baseless claims. That we too can don black cloaks and refuse to be broken under the judgement of men.

Pictured Above: Ora-C Earrings
Pictured Below:
Hackwith Design Basic’s V-Neck Dress
Vintage Fur Cape



My wardrobe continues to grow in rich earthen colors (navy being the newest addition from Hackwith Design House) with generous drape and movement. My patience for clothing that is constricting in any way borders on non-existent and my wanton to wear garments that allow me to walk, bike, work, move has taken priority. I ripped off the band-aid of those pieces I have held on to for far too long and now that EVERYTHING in my closet fits me it takes me considerably less time to get dressed. It’s been amazing for both my mental health and body-positivity - shockingly trying to force my form into things that no longer fit makes me unhappy.

No longer am I holding myself captive with the “one day maybe again” clothing.

As the fabrics in most of my pieces are monotone I am obsessed with layered accessories. I have a handful of vintage furs I adore throwing over a simple dress (see above) as well as bold clutches, silk scarves and statement earrings. This has made it easier to alter a simple dress from casual to formal. To change and be influenced by smaller trends without buying more clothing. Finally I think one of the most innovative lines this Fall has been the Universal Standard Transformers Collection. I frequently use my Fog top from Universal Standard as a way to re-imagine existing pieces for special occasions and so I have been deeply inspired by a this upcoming full collection of small, but avante-garde accessories.

Make-Up is also a medium I am using to play with different looks. For the most part, my makeup is under eye concealer, brow tint and a dark plum lipstick. I adore red and rust tones pulled from my eyelids all the way down to my cheeks for an all over rosy look with otherwise minimal makeup. I mostly aim to look windswept and healthy. On average I wear no makeup more frequently than the days I do. Le Lou Ula is the only nail polish for me - especially their mustard hue ‘Katie’.

The older I get the more confident I feel in my skin and this season I have noticed that translate to getting dressed. I am less worried about if it’s “flattering:. I feel beautiful in layered loose fabrics, I feel like I have enough clothing for most occasions, I feel bold in my choices. I am no longer hesitant to stand out or look different - I know how I want to look and I am there, unapologetically.

FALL PURCHASES (and the things I find myself lusting after)


Pictured Above: Jamie and the Jones T-Top in Umber
Karen Walker Sunglasses
Discontinued Oak and Fort Dress