Self Portraits


Winter 10x10

Striped Linen Dress
Umber Raw Silk Shirt
Indigo Dyed Smock
Box Dress
Dark Skinny Jeans
Black Culottes
Grey Cashmere Sweater
Cropped White Sweater
Female Form T-Shirt
Hooded Sweater Coat


Rule #1 - it's supposed to be fun. 

But who are we kidding - the perfectionist in me had already made a comprehensive list of every possible outfit combination with my thoroughly over thought pieces. This was my first time doing a 10x10, mainly because after what felt like a lifetime of searching I finally found pants. Layering and building a more re-wearable wardrobe at the youthful age of 28. And truly in an effort for brutal transparency my current style is habitual, looks I love that I wear day in and day out, and my version of an Instagramable clothes stack is standing atop a pile of clothes in Poppy Barely mules muttering I have nothing to wear. I am no Lee Vosburgh. I guarantee she never has to reshoot her "look" videos on account of cursing. 

But I did learn a handful of things; oh so valuable. 

+ WAY more people want to hear how I compile an outfit than I could ever have imagined. It's humbling and exhilarating. I loved answering each and every question. I loved connecting women with brands they'd never heard of. I loved saying again and again - when I first found this thing it didn't fit me, so I asked the maker to make it for me. And they did -and so you should ask them too! 

+ I'm going to keep sharing how I style an outfit for my body, I'm going to worry a little less about trying to politely say:

"I wear it this way to cleverly trick people into not realizing how big my tits are. I don't want people to worry I might tip over under the weight of my bossom." 

Because that's the god damn truth of at least 80% of my styling choices. 

+ When I longed for a garment not in my 10x10 it was always occasion specific. I dress differently for all things surrounding comedy; if leisure wear doesn't count, then can I describe ' clothes I tell jokes in' as an entirely different not-counting category? I assure you I sweat just as much performing stand-up as I do in a low-key yoga class. 

+ Everyone cheats, no one really cares, it's just about trying, the art of practising owning less and rethinking how can I keep wearing the same things. 

+ It was pretty damn fun.